Art, strength and energy through time and space

· Alberto Auné, art (eng.)

Alberto Aune

All we ever have brought us to a work of art by any of our senses.

For example, this occurs with a piece of music, a book, a sculpture, a painting, a poem, until suddenly something comes and catches us. Thus, a dart aimed with certainty, as does Cupid with his arrows, reach the depth of our being and understand the meaning of art, with a personal experience that strikes us hard.

We ask ourselves where the mystery of the force that crosses time and distance without limit in years or kilometers and breaks all the barriers we can imagine is.

Man made attempts to explain this, shows the History.

In some books it is called to this phenomenon with a word that comes from the Greek language, «sinfronism» which means «vibrating».

Consider the word «vibrate» and see that everything around us is made up of vibrations but do not grasp all that occur.

Everything around us is made up of vibrations, of which only some grasp.

Can the colorblind say that the color red does not exist, only because he cannot see it? Can we deny that our body does not receive radio waves and television but makes a special receiver? If you use a dog whistle, do not hear, what makes man’s best friend approaching? Vibration, vibration only.

Many authors wrote about the projections of the mind, premonitions and telepathy, with facts that no one could deny.

Our spirit is in this similar to the octaves of the piano keys. Thus, feelings such as friendship, love and hate, produce vibrations in a key.

Most often in the spirit vibrate equivalent to more vulgar sounds or notes keys. This frequency drops to level up the keys on feelings, ethical and spiritual values.

Thus we come to the great miracle of art, when a human being, in a dimension of time and space different from ours, you press a key and produces the contact.

Led by an invisible hand guide, we sense that this lonely creator was (and perhaps here lies the origin of his loneliness) a giant.

Time, light, feelings of human beings (the «auras» that photographed the Kirlian spouses) and to the soul at the moment of death emit energy.

Therefore art is an inexhaustible source of energy. If we accept recognize the difference between so-called artistic products that are not and go quickly forgotten despite its massive promotion and others that cross the barriers of time and space and remain in the heritage of mankind forever.

In the foregoing the aid of technology adds, that picture and sound allows us to relive experiences in film and other visual arts shows remaining in sharing time, including concerts, plays and others that last beyond the lives of those they were made. Alberto Auné


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